Providence Baptist Church - Contact Information

1601 Mckinnon Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124-2152
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Telephone: 415.641.8719
Fax: 415.641.0775
E-Mail Address:

Reverend Timothy E. Gray, Minister-in-Charge

*Auxiliary, Ministry and Offices / Leader's Name and Title*


Providence Baptist Church

Pastor Emeritus
Reverend Calvin Jones, Jr.


Board of Deacons
Deacon Joe Cooks, Chairman 415.821.1780
Deacon John F. Smith, Assistant Chairman 510.569.2697


Church Office 415.641.8719

Board of Trustees

Sister Eva White, President 415.822.7346
Vice President (TBA) TBA
Sister Lydia Vincent-White, Recording Secretary 415.643.0408
Sister Ophelia Clark Person, Assistant Recording Secretary 415.641.8719
Sister Dorris Vincent, Treasurer 415.648.0659
Sister Louise Coleman, Assistant Treasurer 650.837.9178
Sister Helen LaMar, Financial Secretary 415.279.2419
Assistant Financial Secretary (TBA) TBA
Deacon Petty Randall, Operational Officer 415.407.6649
Deacon John F. Smith, Operational Officer 510.882.2962

Church Office Staff

Sister Janet E. Thomas, Church Secretary 415.641.8719
Sister Beverly Breaux, Clerk (PT) 415.641.8719
Sister Eunice P. Jones, Clerk (PT) 415.641.8719

Announcement Committee

Sister Michelle Davis, Chairperson 415.641.8719
Sister Maxine P. Jones, Assistant Chairperson 415.641.0791

Bus Ministry
Sister Etta Holt, Chairperson

Board of Christian Education
Sister Eunice P. Jones, Director 415.641-8719

Christian Counseling Ministry

Sister Annette Taylor 650.359.2615

Recovery Ministry

Chairperson TBA TBA

Fellowship Committee

Sister Rosie Smith, Chairperson 510.569.2697

Scholarship Committee

Sister Michelle Davis, Chairperson 415.225.6840

Providence Foundation of San Francisco

Administrative Information 415.206.0263
Program Information 415.642.0234

San Francisco Food Bank

Sister Louise Johnson, Providence Site Manager 415.642.0234

Mother's Ministry

Mother Hosea Martin-Jones, Chairperson 415.647.8719

Deacons, Ministers Wives & Widows

Sister Marilyn Randall, President 650.756.6972

Women's Ministry

Sister Michelle Davis, President 510.569.2697

Men's Ministry

Brother Herman Mitchell, President 415.641.8719

Singles Ministry
Reverend Timothy E. Gray, Director 415.821.7590

Ushers and Nurses Ministry

Sister Francine Hookfin, President 415.810.5916

Youth Ministry

Director (TBA) TBA

Baptist Training Union

Sister Charlie Batte', Director 415.385.2342
Sister Jackie Blackburn, Assistant Director 415.641.8719

Sunday School Ministry
Deacon Donald Whiteside, General Superintendent 650.271.3637
Sister Mary L. Red, Youth Division Superintendent 415.822.2184

Children's Church

Sister Deleasa Jones, Director 415.337.2157

Music Ministry

Brother Kenneth Young, Director of Music 415.469.0914
Sister Apryle Reed, Pianist, Voices of Providence, Imani Voices of Praise, Juniorette Choir, Male Chorus, Mass Choir, Praise Team 415.519.0726
Sister Stephanie Duncan, Juniorette Choir Director 650.325.8811

Prison Ministry



Brother Darnell Jones, Janitor 415.641.8719